CD Design

You’ve put a lot of time and money into writing, arranging, recording and producing your music.  This next step is just as important.  It’s the first thing your fans see before listening and buying your new release.  Let me design your packaging with as much hard work and effort as you did while recording your music.

As you can see from my portfolio, each design is unique and compliments each musician. I take the time to really listen to your music and research the design trends of your genre. My designs are created ready to go to your printer of choice. I have a few excellent sources I can recommend. I can also design your posters, postcards and press materials to keep consistency with your new release. I put in extra effort to make your experience the best so that you can focus on what you do best; making music.


Jewel Case 1
Digipak 2
Wallet | Jacket | Sleeve 3
Digital Cover 4
Additional Costs 5

Designed for plastic packaging and includes cd insert or booklet with tray card & cd rom.

  • 2 panel – $320
  • 4 panel – $520
  • 6 panel – $620

Designed for cardboard packaging with the cd rom.

  • 4 panel – $499
  • 6 panel – $599
  • 8 panel – $699

Designed for cardboard packaging like the digipak but without the plastic.  Includes CD rom.

  • 2 panel – $299
  • 4 panel – $499
  • 6 panel – $599

Front cover image for iTunes, Amazon, etc made high quality with option to print in the future.

  • Single Cover – $200
  • Booklet – 4 panel minimum for iTunes (inquire for additional pages) – $399

These are extra costs to make your CD Design a whole lot sweeter! 

  • You’ve submitted your text and have no photo or artwork submissions (includes searching royalty free images to find the best imagery for your design) – $40+
  • Cost of royalty free images if applicable TBD
  • Photo manipulation (color correcting, touching up, alterations to your portraits) $80.00/photo
  • Lyrics addition (typesetting, placement) – $40
  • Each additional mockup is $80
  • Each additional revision is $20
  • Template change (switching printers mid project)  $40
  • Rush job: If you are requesting a rush on your design sooner than the time I have available.  (This requires me to work after hours and between other jobs, adding to my workload) 25% additional fee or $100.00 whichever is less. 
  • Revisions after final artwork has been packaged up and sent to you or your printer: $40 minimum fee

*A 50% deposit is required to begin all projects. 100% for Digital Covers. Rest due upon completion.

What's included

  • Client music research to make sure my design fits your music
  • Researching design trends in your genre
  • High quality professional cover design from your submitted images
  • CD-Rom face, back cover or inside panels (includes research for additional imagery)
  • Complete typesetting, sizing, placement, and orientation of all photos, logos, and text together (lyrics additional)
  • 2-3 design mockups, 2 front cover revisions, 2 inside panel/cd rom revisions
  • File and template readiness for cd manufacturer
  • Digital image of your cover for iTunes, etc.

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